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Custom Tariffs and PC Products

Nationwide, US/Canada Tariffs

Using our RatesALL USA nationwide rating schedule or our US/Canada rate schedule as a starting point, RMDS can create a customized tariff or pricing schedule that will enable you to compete in the marketplace.

Intra-State Tariffs

RMDS has intra-state tariffs for many states that we can customize to meet your needs. Or, we can create one for you.

Customized PC Rating Systems

Using our proven RatesALL 2000 Rating Engine, we can create a customized PC Rating program that incorporates your company name, logo, and tariff data.

Key Benefits

  • Tariff can be built to your specific needs.
  • Customized PC Rating CDs, with your company name, logo, and tariff data, to distribute to your shippers.
  • Flexibility - Having your own tariff gives you the ability to change your rates as the marketplace changes.


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Last modified: 12/26/07